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1. VET WELL CHECK- Schedule your dogs first vet visit ahead of time to keep it within the first 3 days to ensure your health guarantee remains  valid.  It  will also give you peace of mind knowing the transition to your home was successful.

 2. FOOD- Kirkland brand puppy food from Costco. We highly suggest you keep the puppy on the same food for a few weeks and slowly transition them to your food of choice.

3. CRATE- We suggest a large crate with a divider to avoid buying multiple crates as they grow. 

4. TOYS- They love easy to carry toys. Avoid any rope or threaded toys. 

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About us


Our family has been raising happy, healthy dogs for over 50 years. We enjoy everyday surrounded by sweet and lovable dogs. We strive to find wonderful homes for our perfect puppies. Our puppies are handled by us and our kids from the day they are born. We are dedicated to breed for a calm, sweet temperament and a well socialized puppy that will make an amazing addition to your family. Throughout the years we have worked with several charities and helped them raise money by donating puppies to their causes. We are always here and happy to answer any questions you may have. We enjoy maintaining a relationship with our doodle families and love showing off any pictures and updates we receive. 


Happy, Healthy Puppies

We provide a safe, clean environment for our puppies. We take every precaution to ensure our puppies are healthy. All our puppies will be vet checked, age appropriate vaccines and have been dewormed before they leave our care at 8 weeks.   All our puppies come with a 1 yr genetic health guarantee. We provide lifetime puppy support. 


A Furever Friend

Our puppies are not only wonderful companions but some have been trained for therapy and service work by their new families. They are gentle and patient with children and truly enjoy being a good dog. They are eager to learn anything you take the time to teach them. They enjoy the water and will tag along for any adventure you want to take them on. 

Health guarantee

Puppy Health Guarantee

This puppy must be taken to the veterinarian within the first 3 days of receiving the dog. A copy of the vet visit must be provided to us. If this is not done  the health guarantee becomes invalid. If for any reason you can no longer care for your dog. We are happy to have them come back to us. Under no circumstances will any money be refunded included any additional fees associated with the care of your dog.  

Should the puppy be diagnosed within 1 yr of life by a veterinarian with a life threatening congenital defect/disease considered to seriously impact the quality of life or in the unfortunate event that the puppy dies.  The breeder must be notified  of the situation within 7 days of the veterinarian's determination and sent the vet report. The breeder will not be responsible for any expenses incurred. Once we review all the information a like  puppy will be given if applicable. It is the buyers responsibility to have an autopsy performed to determine the cause of death if the puppy passes away suddenly.

There are certain disorders that may be caused by environmental factors and will not be covered under our health guarantee. Including allergies, mites, mange, kennel cough, common parasites, bacteria, fungus, infections, virus, fleas and ticks. Physical problems which could be the result of injury, over/under feeding, parvo or not  up to date records of vaccinations. Hypoglycemia, coccidiosis and giardia will not be covered since it can easily happen in puppies especially if stressed from moving to new homes. Undescended testicles, bite, hernias, minor hip dysplasia, eye irritations or any condition that is considered treatable and not life threatening will not be covered under this contract. We cannot guarantee size, color, coat, temperament or training ability at maturity. In no way is the breeder responsible for any vet bill ever.

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Puppy tips

*Each puppy assimilates differently. It may take them a few days to feel comfortable in their new environment. They may find a location tucked away to sit and watch your family. That's normal, it doesn't mean they don't love your family or pets. Let your other pet(s) and the new puppy get to know each other on their own terms and time frame. Have the puppy in a crate or playpen in a space that allows your other pet(s) and the puppy smell each other. 

*Your puppy may cry the first few nights. You can put a blanket that smells like you and a toy in the crate with them so they don't feel lonley. You can even cover the crate with a blanket. We suggest not to share the bed with them until they are fully trained to avoid the puppy from going to the bathroom in the bed with you.

* Don't feed/water your puppy right before going in the car until they are used to riding. You can take your puppy in the car every chance you can. This will make traveling much more pleasant and easy if you have a dog that likes car rides.

* Avoid bringing your puppy to stores and dog parks until they have had all their vaccines. 

* To keep your puppy from going through separation anxiety it is important not make a big deal when leaving or coming home.  We know you love and miss your puppy. If you don't make a big deal, they won't. Separation anxiety can manifest into destructive behaviors. That is not fair for your dog or home. 

*Toys are necessary to help your puppy to stay occupied. A bored puppy never has a good outcome. NEVER GIVE YOUR PUPPY OLD SHOES/ SLIPPERS/ STUFFED ANIMALS. Dogs can't distingiuish old items from brand new.  If you turn old stuffed animals or toys into dog toys, make sure to wash them before giving them to the puppy to remove any family scents. 

*Stretch all four legs, look inside the ears, open their mouth and look them in the eyes. This will teach the puppy that you are the the boss. If the puppy has anything in their mouth that is not allowed, they will give it up without a fight. This is especially important for children. Everyone in the household should do this excercise daily for a few weeks and as a refresher when they are adults.  Your vet and groomer will be thrilled to have such a well behaved dog. This excercise will make the vet and grooming visits easier on them and the dog. 

*You and the family members are the alpha! If you don't correct bad habbits now, it will become the normal. It will only get harder to correct later.  

* You may bath your puppy as often as you needed using any puppy shampoo. You will want to fully dry them and use a slicker brush to remove any dead hair or mats. If you let them air dry without brushing it will cause mats and tangles to form. Which will not only hurt their skin but will cause them to have to be shaved. Every puppy will go through a stage where they will mat up. This usually happens around 5-6 months when the adult coat comes in. If you cut the dog down shorter during that time, the coat will grow in beautiful and easier to maintain. 

*NEVER LIMIT FOOD while the puppy is growing. They will eat the amount their bodies require to properly develop. They need to eat at least 2x a day.  During meal time, let them eat and drink what they want. Once they walk away you can pick up the food/water. If they empty their bowl and seem to be searching for more food, give them a little more. We feed them Kirkland brand Nature's Domain puppy food from Costco. 

* Your puppy may experience a loose stool due to the move to your home or food change. There are some some options to try to help your puppy's belly settle down and firm up their stool.  To avoid dehydration make sure to provide clean drinking water.

    - Canned pumpkin

- Cooked rice with boiled chicken or  hamburger meat

- Pepto ( people) or Pectin liquid (animals)

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Potty training

The main reason house  breaking fails is due to lack of consistency and not keeping a routine

1)  No free run of the house. If the puppy is not in your arms or you're not engaging with them they belong in the crate. A crate is an essential part of training. Your puppy will use the crate as their bedroom. It is important for them to have a place to go when they want their own space. During training you will want the space inside the crate just big enough for them to be able to turn around. If the space is too large they will go to the bathroom in there which will cause confusion. 

2)  Food/ water should only be accessible to the puppy at meal time. The trick is to know when your puppy has ate/drank. If you know when your puppy has had food or water you will know when to take them outside (usually about 5-10 minutes). If it is always accessible you will not know when they have had food or water which will lead to accidents in the house. Once they are fully trained and you can trust they will let you know when they have to go to the bathroom, you can then leave the food/water down all the time.

3) Carry your puppy outside when  they first come out of the crate or when they wake up from a nap. If they walk, many times they will go potty before they are outside. 

4) Once outside with the puppy be sure to walk around to get the puppy moving. They like to follow you so if you stand still it will take them  longer to go to the bathroom. 

5) when they go to the bathroom give them a small treat or praise them. If you repeat a certain phrase like " go potty" every time they are actually going to the bathroom, they can learn to go on command. 

6) If they haven't gone to the bathroom after being outside for 10-15 minutes, put them back in their crate and try again shortly.

7) They may have accidents while they are growing if unnatended or confined for a long time.

8) Don't feed/water the puppy before leaving them in the crate or bedtime.

9) If you hang a string of bells on the door and hit their paws on them everytime you take them out. Eventually they will learn to  hit the bells when they have to go outside.

10) As long as the family is persistent and patient, you will have a happy house broken dog. Remember if the puppy is trying to get out of your arms by wiggling and crying, Take them outside. They never want to go to the bathroom on you.

Supply list for home grooming

Dryer - air force

A good dryer is key to cutting down on grooming time. Just keep the nozzle close to the skin and on an angle to avoid it blowing the hair into knots. You will learn how to hold it to avoid that from happening. 


getting a quality clipper is worth the money up front. I have used my Andis/ Oster for over 10 years even when I had my grooming business. Avoid any " pet grooming clipper kits" from the stores. They are junk. You will end up buying them more often if you buy a cheap clipper. Make sure to buy a clipper that has the clip on blades. Don't even bother with the plastic clip on blade covers to adjust the hair length. They are not meant for this hair type. They will end up getting caught in their hair and coming off and you will make bald spots in thei coat.


Always check the blade temp ( the flat part that touches the skin) with your hand before going over sensitive areas. It can heat up and cause razor burn, espially when using a 10 and 30 blade. When running the clipper over their body you will want to hold the clipper so the blade has full contact with the skin. Don't angle it so the teeth are pointed toward the skin or it can dig in and even cut the dogs skin. These are my most used blade sizes. You won't need them all.

Any brand of Detachable Blade will work on any clipper that has detachable clipper blades

10-This length will be used on the areas you need short. By their bottom, belly, private areas. 

30- under their foot pads. You can use a 10 instead

5/8- This blade is my favorite length. It will keep it about 1/2 inch of hair

7- will take down to about a shave down. Good blade when you need to get under mats

4- Take the coat down to about 1/4 inch of hair


When holding the scissors you will want to have your thumb and ring finger in the holes. By having your ring finger in the hole instead of your pointer finger is that it allows you to control the scissors and avoid from them moving up and down while you are cutting. You can use the curved scissors around the top of their head or any area you need a curved cut. The thinning shears will be your best friend. They not only make a hair cut look natural but if you happend to make a mistake or cut something too short in a spot. Just take the thinning shears and blend it in by cutting around the area. You will want to use a longer scissor to have more control and cutting area. The short scissors will only wear out your hand but make them look choppy.

Slicker brush

everyday use for all hair types.

Clipper cool blade spray-

This is good to have to spray on the flat part of the blade if it gets too hot, needs cleaning. Spray it on the both sides of the teeth if the clipper slows down. It can be used like a lubricant. I always use this, Its a must.

Puppy shampoo

Any brand is fine. You can wash your puppy as often as neccessary. If their skins starts to get dry add a cream rinse or coconut oil during the bath.

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